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Our members are leaders of music education and collectively form a network of organisations and individuals providing high-quality music education for all children and young people. Through the collective strength of our membership, we are able to develop networks and resources that help the sector to support children and young people in their social and musical development.
VIP members recognise that music has a value in and of itself.

The pursuit of learning to sing/play an instrument, learning to compose, learning to listen critically and the myriad of other musical skills are valuable in their own right. This is then demonstrated by:

* music enabling increased behaviours for learning
* music boosting children and young people’s social development
* music fostering team work
* music building life skills
* music encouraging creativity and critical engagement
* music being fun and for everyone

With our VIP Membership you will gain: 

* exclusive first insight to our planned happenings and events.
* Free tips and advice on music development
* 10% off ALL products
* Promo codes for more deals equipment
* Entered into annual raffle/prize give away
* Milestone achievements and gifts

Everyone deserves to live, love, learn and do! Everyone deserves a voice!
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