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The proponent of Grimes evolution, sending the Internet wild with his rhyming abilities every time “Dakari” AKA “Dirty Doggz” is back on the Grime front.

London born Doggz, who now goes by the stage name Dakari, will be releasing an extremely late single entitled “Fake People” on December the 12th. Bringing back a love and taste of Grimes champion with a late yet admirably still relative message. Though released in 2020, the track was written and recorded in 2017.

Grime music recently being dominated by the faces of Stormzy, Skepta and Ghetts; Dakari is hoping to show that his wait and foundation building has been worth the all the while.

The South West London champion has recently curated a Book and Brand! “How to Rhyme, Grime and Rap” shedding a light on the UK Grime culture, US Rap culture, and songwriting courses. Life as a black boy in London and the annoyance of being on lockdown has proved another barrier he’s proved to smash through with role model traits in which other artists have picked up on. 

“I’ve managed to get to the point where, it’s not I don’t want the fake around me. I no longer NEED the fake around me“ the 25-year-old quoted. ”To me grime and uk music has an overwhelming amount of meaningless fakeness for money, the most important thing is being honest about who you are and what you’re providing for the future.”

“I’m not afraid to speak that out amongst a lot and its a prevalent thing that has made other MC, Rappers and Artists scared in themselves”

The single which features a beat from American, Florida, producer OnDopeBam, combines soothing hip hop sounds with a flawless delivery of chilled flows and content throughout the vocals. The song takes shots at everything from the lingering fallout of “YGG” in the north, to referencing South London “Scarzy” and more grime milestones. 

Dakari says to us: “I’ve called it – Fake People – because the track itself it from a place of all honesty.” If you notice the artwork, the word People are in a red energy as to exhibit a lust. Where as the word Fake has a blue energy to it to represent a relaxed good feel. The red energy has attacked the blue energy and labelled it fake with a stain and the track says the rest. I’ve held onto it now for a very long time as you will unfortunately be able to tell in my voice ha.” 

The 25 year old entrepreneur says that his extended effort in future will be much more reflective and in short he is hoping to attentively produce and release music now.

With a recent release of Tha Wind Up Cypher on streaming platforms featuring M3, MINKLEZ, BROWNSILLA & COOLI CARLITO, another classic unreleased “Doggz” banger is hinted to be on the way before Dakari’s roll out.

“It’s really hard at the moment with gigs because the future is so uncertain but when we get back to some sense of normality the next big focus will be getting on with gigs. If this is to play into the future further I may have to consider online gigs via live streams for health and safety.

“I really love performing, making music is great but being on stage is something else.”

Fake People will be available on all and every good streaming platform from December 12th 2020.

The record was recorded, mixed and mastered at Nu Gen Studios.

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