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Here are Seven Local London New Years Gift Ideas for Friends and Family!

It’s the New Year Holidays! If you’re looking for a way to support your community that goes beyond the average hashtag on Instagram and twitter, buying from local and Black-owned businesses is a great place to start.

From beauty products to home furnishings, to education, clothes and kid’s toys – Black British entrepreneurs are producing stunning products that often fly and flourish under the radar.

A woman named “Khalia Ismain” if the founder of business “Jamii”.

Jamii is a discount card and discovery platform that makes it easy to find and shop at the best of independent black-owned businesses in the UK. She says it’s now more important than ever to support Black-owned business, both by spending money and spreading awareness.

‘Many large businesses are vocal in their support of minorities, but don’t follow this up with action,’ she explains. ‘Choosing Black-owned businesses means voting with your pounds – empowering them to deliver the world you want to live in, while holding others to account.’

Y Fit Wear:

Your new workout wardrobe. A “purpose-led” sportswear brand that tends to fitness and leisure.
Launched by founder Mark to tackle the lack of diverse representation in fitness, Y-Fit caters for men and women.

Sarah Callaghan – Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain:

The instant she steps on stage you know you’re in the presence of someone new and special
★★★★★ The Mirror

After building a career for herself over the last decade she’s toured all over Europe. With multiple television appearances and 6 solo comedy shows she is a force to be reckoned with. 

Relatable, gutsy and raw honesty with a bit of banter for good measure, Callaghan captivates audiences and leaves them feeling reflective and empowered. 

Books – Author of The Ballad, From Ashes, We Rise and Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain. All 3 are available to buy NOW – hit up her website for details.

Mr Blackman’s Grapefruit and caramel tobacco:

Mr Blackman’s is on a mission to make hassle-free, earth-conscious products for men who want to look good. Targeting the lack of products aimed at men with Afro hair, Mr Blackman’s has produced a beard grooming range that’s good for the environment, free from harmful chemicals, and treats every beard equally. 

McLearys “Ultimate Drinking Game” :

McLearys is a independent business which focuses on bringing delicious “feel good, homely meals” to you. 

Statistics show that more people prefer to go out to eat and buy takeout instead of having a nice home cooked meal…….Well at McLearys we want to bring the home style cooking to you 

 so you can feel like your at home even when your out. With the mixed flavours inspired by the Caribbean and America, you can expect real soul food at McLearys. 

And after you’ve enjoyed our delicious food why not wash it down with out flavourful cocktails. McLearys cocktails are known best for there variety of flavours and amazing taste. 

McLearys Cocktails are designed to make you feel good and leave you wanting more all the time

At McLearys we believe you should feel god all the time; so why just limit to cocktails. Our cocktails can be found in our beautiful gift hampers and also our brand new product “THE ULTIMATE DRINKING GAME”. This game is fun for all friends and family members to play (18 and over) so no matter what you do you will always enjoy with McLearys 

How to Rhyme, Grime and Rap! :

Going through the History and the beginnings of Hip Hop, Rhymes, Grime & Rap. Flourishing in cultural information and musical science and facts is HOW2RGR.

With skills applicable to all genres across the board, we provide explanations, lessons and examples of lyrics and bars.

Supporting the professional development of the workforce, the quality of teaching and learning, as well as the quality of access and provision in music education, in schools, music services and music education hubs is HOW2RGR.

We facilitate safe online and offline networking and communication, and the exchange of ideas and expertise amongst our membership and the wider sector.

We place the strongest possible focus on the impacts and outcomes of music education for children and young people, musically, personally, socially and educationally.

Label 1025:

Created from one persons vision in London (UK). Her vision was heavily inspired by the streetwear/sportswear culture of this generation.

They are an independent clothing brand producing products for men, women and children.

Their top priority is to make sure you (the consumer) have the ability to complete everyday task in comfortable clothing at prices that keeps you happy.

We believe in working hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relationships within our ever growing community.

Live, Love and Dare to Dream,

Label 1025.

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