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South West London Kaniva is back with a short new EP for us dubbed 3. A trilogy from 1 & 2. The 4-track project sees Kaniva pull no punches, with the rapper flexing his lyrical talent on the mic and delivering some of the coldest flows for just over 10 minutes. With the EP arriving right towards the end of 2020, it sets the standard for what’s to come from the south London artist in the new year.

The artist has been signed to several labels yet to really take off. Record labels: Independent Records, personal brand Operation Hollywood, & Waylynn Adam & #ØH, to upcoming MM Records UK

Forging his path as a member of the UK rap community since 2017, South London native Kaniva is no stranger to the microphone. A seasoned freestyler, the London rapper has built his name by igniting excitement within the minds and hearts of his audience with his impassioned cadence and brazen one-liners.

While 2020 has seen him more intently lean into the drill sound he began experimenting with last year, this new project reintroduces some of Kaniva’s earlier soundscapes; including beat selections of the more melodic variety. Regardless of tempo, instrumental, or genre, the one thing that shines through is Kaniva’s ability to tell stories; eloquently painting vivid scenes with his words – and let’s not brush past the rapper’s bravado. Take in 3 below

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