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How To Rhyme, Grime & Rap! Book Launch!

H2RGR Giving Back.

How To Rhyme, Grime & Rap!, a start-up organization of young minds that help give a VOICE to youth. Aiding especially those underprivileged, with mental health issues and disability access difficulties.

Well off educated or not ,universal knowledge lies within the books of our planet.  Reading has been making an all positive stride back outside of school also. So attending this change H2RGRs giving back through “e learning” online and offline classes and more in a display of great effort. Where students can get a great opportunity to practice and learning different things with different languages.  Sometimes it seems it’s like a dream, that it can really be possible to find so many captivating talents and opportunities in one place.


At H2RGR Music we are pioneers in music, handicaps, and innovation. We have grown loads of inventive techniques for instructing, getting the hang of, composing, and playing music. We are masters in utilizing innovation to separate handicapping obstructions to making music. Central to our work is the conviction that everybody can satisfy their imaginative and melodic potential, given the privilege. From younger students having their first instrumental exercises to proficient Disabled musicians Djing. We work where music, incapacity and innovation meet. Our talented group has a great history of creating and conveying effort, preparations, aesthetic turns of events and training activities for artists of every background, everything being equal, and in all genres.

We explore and grow new available instruments and advances to make more approaches to make music. Our aesthetic improvement program upholds Disabled artists to advance their work and we offer preparing and consultancy for instructors, music center points, and different associations.

What positivity can H2RGR produce from their audience?

Providing animated educational plans and an eager insight of live occasions. Here we find unbelievable craftsmen. We have been spearheading the utilization of music sciences and autonomous music improvement since late 2010 (10 years now). Integral to our work is the conviction that everybody and anybody anyplace can and ought to be permitted to satisfy their innovative and melodic potential. Have a voice, an estimation of self-esteem, and the ability to share all information all through delight and love.

Our public and private imaginative advancement program upholds all performers to advance their work and we offer preparing and consultancy for educators, music centres, and different associations.

Throughout the following 107 pages, the basic learning’s and establishments you require to control the remainder of your rhyming lives is arranged in beautiful fashion.

H2RGR would love to get with you to figure out how we can give more apparatuses to set you up  better for music’s ever-changing scene. Look at our review us page


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How To Rhyme, Grime & Rap!

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