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Stormzy has teamed up with Grime icon and star, Ghetts, to release his newest music of 2021.

Exchanging verses on the five-minute song Skengman, released on 15th January, the track is expected to appear on Conflict Of Interest, Ghetts’ first album in three years, having shared a number of teasers online in recent weeks. This comes after Ghetts had also worked together with Stormzy on his 2017 debut album Gang Signs & Prayer.

A black and white music video, directed by Nathan James Tettey, sees Stormzy, 27, and Ghetts, 36, performing in a derelict building against lurking masked warriors. Features cameos from rapper “D Double E”, Michael “Venom” Page, Brixton Female Rapper “Shaybo”, Solo Wolf “Mist”, London Symbol “Dakari”, Uprising Personality “Jillz” and More.

Stormzy has previously released tracks called Sounds Of The Skeng, Wickedskengman and Mr Skeng, with the word skeng generally meaning weapon.

December saw the Glastonbury headliner sign with influential US hip hop record label Def Jam after leaving Atlantic Records.

He joins some of the biggest names in rap music, including Kanye West, Nas, Pusha T and Public Enemy, and will work with the newly formed imprint 0207 Def Jam, which will champion British talent. Last year Stormzy pledged £10 million over the next 10 years to organisations engaged in the fight for racial equality and social justice.

Stormzy and Chip Stormzy and Chip are back for round two.

Pictured: Chip(munk), North London Rapper
Pictured: Stormzy, South London rapper 

Stormzy and Chip feud reignited with scathing new diss track from Chip, as Ghetts speaks out: ‘Nothing to do with me’.

The Stormzy and Chip monster of beef has revelled its head again in 2021 after the latter dropped a scathing new diss track aimed at his rival. Last year, the disagreements had erupted after Chips manager claimed Stormzy pulled up outside chips apartment with a group of friends for a confrontation, with video evidence.

Last weekend, Chip brought the feud back to life with the release of his latest diss track 10 Commandments, which features jabs clearly aimed at Stormzy. One line includes: ‘You got that contradictory flow, One minute it’s “F**k the government, f**k Boris” / Next minute you’re tellin’ people “vote” / Boy, you’re not a Christian, you’re a fraud / Crucify him, praise the Lord.’ It appears to be a direct reference to the lyrics on Stormzy’s number one single Vossi Bop where he raps: ‘I could never die, I’m Chuck Norris / F**k the government and f**k Boris.’ Chip also name-drops Stormzy directly and raps: ‘You’re all gonna hear “Stormzy took an L, and he tried to stand tall before he fell” / So he’s a man of his word in some ways, But he’s on stalking like a girl.’ The diss track comes a few days after Ghetts released his new song Skengman featuring Stormzy.

The proximity of the drops had then led fans to question Ghetts’ allegiance in the feud but the rapper has stated he wants no involvement in Stormzy vs. Chip. During an Instagram live on Saturday, Ghetts said: ‘That narrative that they’re trying to run with at the moment and put me in the middle of dem man’s ting, nothing to do with me. You know my path, you know I’m on a different ting [sic]. When someone wants ‘“Ghetts and my man gonna have a thing?” Ghetts and my man aren’t gonna have nothing.’ The Black Rose rapper continued: ‘Whatever takes place now ain’t nothing to do with me. You lot hear Skengman now, I been had Skengman [sic].’

Stormzy and Chip’s beef. ‘If you f**k with me, don’t even entertain it’ ‘This is the first and last time I’m gonna talk on it and the only reason I’m even talking on it is because you can’t let these people create a narrative that’s not true.’ Later answering questions from his followers, Ghetts stated: ‘Me and Kano are always gonna be good. What you have to understand is that I’m not into the business of falling out with people, I try and just be cool with everyone. ‘I’m not in the middle of nobody’s business. I’ve got my own agenda.’

In October, Chip shared a now-deleted video reportedly showing Stormzy in the car park outside his house and continued to unleash now 3 disses to Stormzys 0 reply. Stormzy and Maya Jama had recently spent 2020 Christmas Day together a year after they’re split. Maybe this could be a reason for Stormzies distraction, feeling as though he has other things juggling on his mind? Whatever the reason be, do you think it time Stormzy spoke out clearly and directly to Chip about the oncoming fire with a diss?

Pictured: Maya Jama

With Ghetts on top of his game like never before. Chip going at commercially championed Stormzy, Dakari aka Dirty Doggz’s reemergence
and Wiley commentary throughout. It’s fair to say Grime is alive, Grime is well and is kicking towards big displays this 2021.

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